Amrit & Mark’s Hedsor House Wedding

Amrit and Mark’s wedding was beautiful to photograph – and the light in this beautiful venue is stunning!

Well, Ill be honest, we dont normally blog a wedding before the bride and groom have seen the full set of images to say we are careful with our clients images would be an understatement but having just come off the phone with Amrit who has asked me to share some of the photos (I think shes getting a lot of requests!) I am breaking our normal rule and sharing a selection. And theyre a lovely set to share too!

Amrits and Marks wedding day at Hedsor was spellbinding and exhausting in roughly equal measure!  Hedsor House acted as the perfect backdrop for this wedding which was a real fusion of European and Asian influences the colours were to die for! As was the dancing!

From the minute I walked into the bridal suite and found Amrit and Cimmie (her daughter) chilling out and laughing as they watched the arrival (and subsequent selfie antics!) of one or two of the guests through the window, I figured it would be a lot of fun.  To be fair, given the pre-wedding shoot (a bottle of champagne was involved) I knew it would be an amazing day to be a part of, and so it proved to be.

We have so many pictures to choose from its untrue, I didnt really know where to start for the blog!  Amrit changed into a sensational green sari after dinner which is a photographers dream; a bride who looked amazing in white all day and then looked (if its possible) even more beautiful in a different outfit for the evening! The look on Marks face was a picture when she walked in as he had no idea she was going to switch!

Loved it.  Cant wait to show more images but until then here are, admittedly quite a large selection.

PS. The last image I just happened to catch as stuck my head round the door of the dance floor to find one guest flaked out after his particularly energetic Bangra moves had proved to be maybe a little too exuberant! Perfect end (at least from a photographer’s view) to this beautiful Hedsor House wedding!