Claire Hanson Makeup Portfolio Photography

Claire Hanson and her team represent the very best of the art (yes, it is truly an art!) of hair and makeup and it has been my absolute pleasure to work with them on numerous occasions – and not just for their undeniable talent with makeup but also for their attention to detail and the level of service they offer (for instance, they stick around until the end of the bridal portraits to make sure the makeup and hair stays fresh from the first image to the last – something I, rather understandably I think, am always rather pleased about!)

And so it was with no small degree of pleasure, I was asked to help create some makeup portfolio photography for one of Claire’s trainees with a couple of lovely models, Anija and Misha. And, having spent a day watching the intense coaching and the effort that goes into learning their craft (Claire invests as much attention to her classes as she does when working with her clients!) I am left in no doubt as to why she and her team are quite so popular.

With Claire Hanson.