A Blog A Day.

OK, so I’ve never tried to do this but I thought it would be interesting to see if I can muster a blog a day for a while.  And by a while, I mean until I run out of things to say! Which, for those who know me well, isn’t likely – though writing something down – or at least, something vaguely interesting –  is distinctly different to just standing and chatting!

Honestly? I am not sure where this will take us but I guess the stories will mostly be about our day, the work we do, the people we meet and, ultimately, the images that seem to pour out of this mix.

As you might imagine, life as a portrait photographer is almost entirely founded on working relationships and today, for now at least, one of those people who we love working with is moving on.  It’s always a shame when that happens – though, of course, we always keep in touch and very often end up working with them in their new role – but, in the short term at least, we’re saying a fond farewell and good luck to our friend Emily from the wonderful Hearing Dogs For Deaf People charity who we have loved working with over the past few years.

Many of the Hearing Dogs images that you may be familiar with are in no small part thanks to Emily and her not inconsiderable organisational skills (and seemingly limitless patience!) and all of us here have loved working with her! Always (well nearly always) cheerful and full of laughter, it’s clients like Emily and the awesome team around her who make creating images truly rewarding.

And if that weren’t enough, Emily is someone who truly understands the importance of caffeine in most photographer’s working day – I don’t recall ever starting a shoot with her without a large and gratifyingly strong cup of coffee! We will miss her!


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