Zoe, Marcus and Maddox, Family Portrait Session, Haddenham, Bucks

I like being busy. I always have. There is nothing worse than that empty feeling (at least, from recollection, there is nothing worse than that empty feeling) when you just feel, well, bored. It is not something I get a chance to be very often. The busiest time of our calendar now seems to run from February through to December (and even January this year has been almost theatrically hectic!) Which is all good, ’cause I hate things being quiet.

Still, one of the downsides is I never seem to get around to little things like blogging all of our sessions (and I should ’cause they’re sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes sexy, sometimes cold, sometimes romantic, sometimes cool, sometimes frantic, sometimes damp but always always a joy – and there are a lot of stories we could tell from them!)

I hadn’t noticed that this particular session hadn’t had a blog until I sat down yesterday to finish editing some images for one of our new studio frames. The frame is going to be absolutely stunning and it got me to thinking it would be good to put it on the blog and it was then I noticed I’d been a tad remiss in not blogging the original shoot – and it was a stunning shoot too!

Zoe, Marcus and Maddox had come over to get some nice relaxed images of them as a family and it was a fantastic session. We started in the studio with just a few simple shots of one of the most photogenic little lads we’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph and then headed outside (which is, of course, my favourite location to shoot!) and had brilliant session in the late autumn light.

I suppose in some ways, then, it might be a surprise to find a set of indoor studio images adorning the new gallery but a) Maddox looked brilliant in every single image and b) I actually love shooting in the studio – it’s just that I love being outdoors even more! And besides, with our new studio space up and running, our indoor work is going to be even more prominent – particularly if we have another summer like the inclement disaster that was August 2011!

So here’s a sneak peak of one of the new frames for our gallery area and a few of the other beautiful images from this lovely session.



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Awesome studio stuff. That little guy certainly has some attitude

Sam, 3 years ago

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