Caroline & Mario’s Wedding, The Crazy Bear, Stadhampton

I’m sitting looking at my desk, pondering on how come it’s quite so cluttered. Given no-one else sits here, it must be me. iPhone, iPad, cables, memory cards (carefully piled ready for formatting), Wacom pen tablet connected to my Mac, lists (and lists of lists), my Senheiser headphones (pride’n’joy – and it means I can crank the volume up without anyone getting annoyed!), two fat monitors and my Eye-One colour calibration sensor (very cool – happiness is, amongst other things, two colour-matched monitors!) the keyboard I’m typing this on and a bottomless mug of fresh, steaming coffee. So everything you need to get yourself sat down to write a blog. Except for the words that is. I’m never quite sure what to write.

So, I’ll write what I normally write then. Which is, to say, more chatty stories from life at the rear end of a camera.

Ahem. Licks pen and stares into the middle distance.

Today has been a very good day. Actually, the whole weekend has been, from a work point of view, a fantastic weekend.

A stunning wedding yesterday at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons with a brilliant crowd – and some frankly unpredicted weather. The sun shone in spite of the weather forecasts and, although the evening fireworks appeared to have a wayward passion for leaping westward pretty much upon launch, they did at least have the unexpected opportunity to launch! More on this wedding at a later date.

Anyway, I have just spent a great afternoon with Caroline and Mario showing them their images from their gorgeous wedding at The Crazy Bear in Stadhampton near Oxford (this one of the Crazy Bear’s venues is still, by far, my favourite; the perfect location for a unique and stunning celebration!) I absolutely loved photographing their day – every second of it! A great day from start to finish, the venue, the Church (and its hugely popular vicar), the Gospel Choir, the guests and the atmosphere, the flowers, the bride and groom, the tears and a not inconsiderable amount of laughter, the confetti canon… Brilliant!

And it was lovely to spend the afternoon today laughing with them, hearing some of the stories and picking out the pictures for their album which, incidentally is going to be stunning! I am always excited about our designer albums and this one as the icing on the cake, is going to have the most sumptuous and unusual leather! Can’t wait!

So here are a few images from their wedding – enjoy!

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[...] Ah, ’tis late so this blog is short. And, besides, I’ve already waxed lyrical about Caroline & Mario’s Wedding at the inimitable Crazy Bear in [...]

Caroline & Mario’s Wedding Album Design, The Crazy Bear, Stadhampton | Paul Wilkinson Photography Blog, 3 years ago

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