Rhian and Mark’s Wedding Album Design, Crazy Bear, Stadhampton

Another beautiful album out in the world! Well, it is in my opinion. And, as it’s me sitting writing this blog, then what I say goes!

Rhian and Mark’s wedding at the Crazy Bear in Stadhampton was amazing, everything about it: the details, the crowd, the venue (of course), the atmosphere and, hopefully, we’ve caught just a little of that and wrapped it all up in a beautiful book that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.


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Just building my website and thought I'd look at yours for inspiration (well, at least I'm honest) - I have just been looking at the Rhian wedding album - I just had to say that I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful creation on a website before (this may sound a little over the top) but I felt compelled (spelling?) to tell you how stunning it is. I haven't even started to think about attempting a wedding yet but your presentation is to die for! Do you have a bigger fan than me?! I think not! ;-) Anyway better get back to my plain old little iWeb site hee hee - well - a girl's gotta start somewhere!

Stephanie Robinson, 3 years ago

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