Nancy, Phil & Oscar: Pre-Wedding session in Greenwich Park, London

I love working in London. I think I love it more now than when I used to travel into the city every day. And I loved it then.

There’s always a sense of style, of drama. A kind of feeling of history everywhere you look. And it’s utterly fantastic. The only other city I’ve loved working in as much is New York. Only for us, London is on our doorstep which makes things a little more accessible than The Big Apple!

It’s going to be great this season as as we have a number of clients in our famous capital city so I’m going nipping in and out a lot!

This particular shoot is with a couple whose wedding we’re going to be photographing at The Crazy Bear in Stadhampton. Now I’m always excited about our Crazy Bear weddings but with the added twist of working with a client in Greenwich, well, things couldn’t be better.

Greenwich park, like many of London’s vast green expanses, is simply fantastic to work in. Even with the world’s tourists – having seemingly broken into some kind of odd-ball clothing shop – amassing tera-pixel upon tera-pixel of self-portraits around you, the parks feel fresh and open – and quintessentially London. And with Canary Wharf and the Millenium Dome (or is that now the O2 Arena?) just in the distance you couldn’t feel closer to the vast metropolis.

I loved this shoot. Even in the pouring rain (have a look at some of the images!). It was a wonderful space to play. And, as is so often the case, the client – Nancy & Phil and their little boy, Oscar, were brilliant fun. A very very fine way to spend an afternoon in lovely company. Oh, and we captured some beautiful images too!

And, once we’d finished and packed the cameras away, we had the added benefit of nipping down the road to some of oldest (a.k.a. long-suffering) friends’ for bit of tea’n’cake. Had I not been driving, it would have been a beer. Or two. Still, pretty much a perfect end to a perfect day.

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